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High-tech enterprises of light Lin, chairman of the new millennium for money Interview
Date:2015/7/17 10:53:36

Light Mould Co., Ltd. Taizhou Millennium why again within a short period of three years from the provincial SME leap into a provincial high-tech enterprise? Taizhou mold factory much like the vast Xinghai, as 何千禧 light can spread mold Co. among standout? With these questions, we interviewed light Lin, chairman of the millennium for money.

Q: I'm the chairman, hello. First of all, before you talk about the company and development status.


Light Mould Co., Ltd. Taizhou Millennium why again within a short period of three years from the provincial SME leap into a provincial high-tech enterprise? Taizhou mold factory much like the vast Xinghai, as 何千禧 light can spread mold Co. among standout? With these questions, we interviewed light Lin, chairman of the millennium for money.

Q: I'm the chairman, hello. First of all, before you talk about the company and development status.


A: today's domestic enterprise management, mainly in the Confucian-style management as the core of the pyramid management model, this management style dominates the domestic corporate culture. Indeed, Confucianism with irrelevant market economy, which largely resulted in business management can be centralized management pyramid - sage first, on not only the next CD, rampant bureaucracy, lack of high-rise checks and balances, as the staff for slaves. More embody Confucian culture is a "saint first" culture and less humane, caring and united spirit. In today's world, whether in all walks of life in all aspects, we advocate "people-oriented", requiring humane, that I think the Western Christian culture reflected more obvious. "Just not this way among you who wants to become great among you, shall be your minister; Who wants to be first than to be your servant, as the Son of man came not to be ministered, but to serve. and to give his life a ransom for many. "This is the Bible passage from the Gospel of Matthew, it contains the secret of being a successful leader -.." servant leadership. "


Our company's employees, about 60% percent of the people are believers in a Christian culture. Every morning, they will do the pious prayer. In their eyes, they eat or drink or whatever you do, do all to the glory of the Lord and do it. The world is their monastery. In their view, the work is the bounden duty contains two meanings, one work is the main organization of the mission, it is our sacred duty, so we have to work hard, work, the pursuit of excellence, depending on the work valuable asset. Second, since it is the Lord's work career, so work should follow the example of the Lord's righteousness, holiness, love. When working, they will be a full-service center to work seriously, do every thing, there is the main work of the heart, to work effectively as a matter of God's glory. This will bring us, "dedicated devotion, unity and fraternity," the corporate culture. I would like to ask this not through, if a company's management, can be as charismatic as religion, then the company will be a kind of business? If everyone did everything regarded as a god work, then you will have unhappy customers?


Q3: The company's annual output value now is about how much?

A: enterprise development and growth, in addition to external factors, there are also internal factors, this millennium light is no exception. After 20 years of accumulated experience, continuous accumulation of capital, the new millennium has been an area of less than 10 acres of light from the original one, the number of employees less than 100 members of the factory into a sterile disposable syringes now mainly die, stopper , improve product structure needle seat, jacket, infusion and other medical equipment and auxiliary plastic mold, with a capacity of 20 million yuan in output value of high-tech enterprises. Through the tireless efforts of all staff, we have achieved annual production value of 20 million yuan, but we have a greater goal: in today's based on the realization triple in 2015, is expected to achieve annual output value of 60 million yuan.


Q4: What causes the output value of the company's fast growth, for the company to reach 60 million yuan so much a goal in 2015 it?
A: First, with the employees to do the work as a vocation is inseparable, it is with their perseverance, hard work, only today's millennium light.

Secondly, in the manufacture of products, we have two advantages. One technical advantage. Millennium light in addition to a professional outside the syringe mold research and development, manufacturing, sales companies, while the security type and auto-disable syringes have an absolute advantage in research and development. Until now, we have obtained 40 national utility model patents, 12 invention patents, some patents is detected by the PCT and into many countries and regions. This is a disposable syringe, I'll give you demonstrations. The author notes that he slowly push the plunger in the end portion of the needle touching the seat, then pull back when the needle seat has also been brought back into the barrel. "So much safer, so as not to encounter others used needle." I'm always the case said. "This safety disposable syringes currently very popular in the developed countries, we in the United States, Australia, the company has received several orders, the amount has reached two or three million a year just-completed annual production targets, I believe this situation will definitely order more. I'm always honest laughs. millennium light-developed security type and auto-disable syringes with unique advantages in technology, cost, mass production, automatic assembly and other aspects of the company's products enter the international market and lay a solid foundation.


 Second, the concept of advantage. "Building a healthier tomorrow" is that we have been adhering to the concept. Today, the safe use of medical supplies valued more and more by the public, especially disposable medical supplies. Light of the requirements of the new millennium keeping with the times, respond to the Ministry of Health in conjunction with relevant departments have issued a related one-time infusion, the national standard syringes, blood transfusion and other products and separately from physics, chemistry, biology and other aspects of the provisions of the mandatory requirements. Millennium will light with unique design, quality products, highly competitive cost advantage to provide customers with the best mold and syringe injector products, and promote the concept of safe injection services global human health.


Furthermore, in order to better the technology into products and customer service. In February 2007, Wenling City Light Millennium Medical Devices Co., Ltd. was established, to develop and sell safety syringes and auto-disable syringes, and in August the same year set up Office in Shanghai, and later in Australia and the United States established Office. Millennium light to become one of the preferred suppliers of global security self-destruct syringes and syringe.

Q5: Now the world are concerned about green energy, low carbon economy, Millennium light has any plans in these areas?


A: The company production of disposable products are developed using our own full-runner mold coat. Now a lot of mold producing disposable sterile syringes medical device companies, are using cold runner mold coat, this mold not only can not save resources and reduce environmental pollution bad, but the biggest drawback is prone to dust, to disposable sterile syringes cause pollution, in patients with severe allergies point may occur. And our newly developed full-runner can not be the same mold coat, "full of hot runner mold coat the whole trip with an electric wire heating, from raw materials flow into coherent form of disposable syringes, basically to avoid dust pollution."

Hot runner mold production and application of this technology has developed rapidly in foreign countries, some of the more developed industrial countries and regions are extremely active. Hot runner mold proportion of the past few years has also been improving, many foreign little less than 10 people can be hot runner mold factory molds. Overall, North America, Europe, the use of hot runner technology time longer, more experience, higher level. In Asia, Singapore, South Korea is also widespread use of the technology. But China hot runner mold market still in its infancy, although the proportion of use gradually increased, but overall less than 10%. This huge gap means that the industry has a very large market space exists. I'm as much to say, "After the hot runner mold is sure to become a trend in the mold industry, in Europe and America, has been dependent on the hot runner injection molding technology. It can be said, it would be difficult to export without using mold hot runner technology in the future. "


Q6: hot runner mold in addition to environmental protection, there are other advantage?

A: This mold is not only environmentally friendly and efficient. First, because there is no limit runner system cooling time after molding parts can be promptly cured ejection without pruning cold runner gate and the recovery process and other processes, the molding cycle of the mold in 5 seconds or less, greatly reducing the parts molding cycle. Second, it uses electronic control system, it can be automated production. Not only that, it's a very small footprint, a full 64 gun runner mold coat, covering the equivalent of two or three 48 gun coat cold runner mold. This estimate down, a full-runner mold jacket can cost nearly 700,000 yuan. Currently a 48 gun coat cold runner mold, one minute can only play three or four die times, and a 64 gun runner coat the entire mold, but you can play seventy-eight die times, produced disposable syringes the number is three to four times the original sales thus increased three or four times. The whole development of hot runner molds, we spent more than two years of effort, has just successfully developed late last year, it was also included in the major city of science and technology to support the project. Some well-informed medical device manufacturers, we have not developed at the time of success, on the next order for more than 100 million, the year before I put the money hit the account. On the one hand they want to get this mold early, on the other hand they are also very much hope that we can successfully developed, which for national medical device manufacturers is a good news, I'm always happy she said.